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Beauty and the Beast, Revisted (Sarah asks "What if...")
Nutrition Class scene
Mecenary's Price will be up someday, when I finish majorly rewriting it because I hate it:)


Love poetry
Genetics Lymerics
Enemy Inside
To the Enemy Inside. The same idea in two neat couplets
Villanelle To the Girl In the Hall
Puppy Love


Homeschooling as an Only Child
Homeschooling:Yes, It Works
Protect the Net
Xena: A Modern Byronic Hero, err.. Heroine
The History of the Prefix "Cyber-"
My Educational Experience

Rants, Rambles and Randomness

Vegetable Rights
Worshiping of the Goddess Melissa
My Hair
"We should lock all these world leaders in a room with one good preschool teacher and teach them some manners."