"We should lock all these world leaders in a room with one good preschool teacher and teach them some manners."

A joint creation by Sarah Laughton and Theresa Jacobson late one night on the MUSE.
(It needs some revision and a better (or at least SHORTER) title, but I'm posting it anyway)

Teacher: Bin, how do you think George felt when you wrecked his tower?

George: It made me really, really MAD! I'm gonna break ALL his toys!

Teacher: Now, George, I think Bin felt hurt when you took his play space away and gave it to Joseph."

Bin: MY TOYS!!!!

George: (sticks out tongue.)

Bin: (starts crying)

Karl: I'll help you, George! Bin wrecked my toys, too. I hate Bin.

Teacher: George, shh. Let me talk to Bin. Bin, do you think this is how George felt when you wrecked his towers?

Bin: George deserved it. He beat me up and gave my toys to Joseph.

Teacher: Karl, George and Bin need to work out their problems right now. Why don't you go play on the playground?

Teacher: do you think knocking down his tower helped? Now all the other kids think YOU are mean.

Bin: I want my toys back.

Joseph: MY toys!

Bin: I had them first!

Joseph: No you didnít! My daddy gave them to -me-!

Bin: I did so have them.

Teacher: actually, the toys belong to Nursery School Earth. You can play with them while you're here, but you need to SHARE.

Bin: But George will beat me up and give them all to Joseph. And then I'll have to share with my -little- -sister-. Blech.

Bin's Little Sister: I don't want to share with -you- either. Meany.

Teacher: Yes, he did. And that was a bad thing to do. (Gives George a "I will deal with YOU in a moment, young man" look) But two wrongs don't make a right

Bin: But it was fun!

Teacher: will it be fun when George breaks you're toys because you wrecked his tower?

Bin: (sticks lower lip out) N-n-no.

Teacher: Then you'll break more of his toys. Them he'll break more of yours. Pretty soon there one be any toys LEFT.

George, Bin and Joseph together: No TOYS?!!

Teacher (nods seriously): That would be sad, wouldn't it? What do you think we can do so no more toys get broken?

George: Give me all the toys, and I'll keep them safe!

Bin: Lock George in the bathroom!

Teacher: But if you have all the toys then Bin can't play with them and he will get mad and try to take them away from you.

Teacher: and none of the other children could play either.

George: Iíd let them play with them. But they'd have to give them back when I wanted them.

Teacher: I don't think the other children would think that was fair. Besides, George, how can I trust you to keep the toys safe when you've been beating up Bin and threatening to break his toys?

George: I don't care if it's fair. I want toys.

Teacher: I know you do. I want toys too. But I can't take them away from other people

Teacher: If you can share the toys then everyone would get to play and no one would want to break toys.

Joseph: Bin has COOTIES!

Bin: Do not! You do!

Teacher (leans down and looks in Bin's hair): hmm.... Nope. No cooties:) (does the same to Joseph) No cooties here either. Just crumbs. Joseph, how did you get crumbs in your hair?

Joseph: My mommy says he's bad because a... a... a blasphemer!

Teacher: No, he's a Bin.

Teacher: You and Bin believe different things, but that doesn't make either of you bad.

Joseph: Are you SURE?

Teacher: Positive.

George: Bin is to bad! He, he ruined my tower... and... and!

Teacher: That wasnít very nice of him, was it? But it wasnít very nice of you to hit him and take his toys away either.

George: But I was just trying to be nice to Joseph. Joseph was sad because Adolph kept beating him up!

Teacher: That was a nice thought. But you tried to give him the toys Bin had. That wasnít fair to Bin and now Bin is mad at both you and Joseph.

Bin: Yeah! (Tries to hit Joseph with a toy truck)

Teacher: (Intercepts Binís hand and takes the truck away) Remember what happened to Adolph? We had to make him leave and never come back because he kept hurting people.

George: Adolph was a BULLY. But we GOT him(

Teacher: Yes, he was. Thatís why we had to make him leave. But I wouldnít want that to happen to anyone else. That would be sad. But if you can all play nice and share the toys then no one will get hurt and everything will be happy. Now, lets go get some cookies.