Puppy Love

Sarah Laughton (2001)

We were little more than children
We loved with wide-eyed fear
And tail-wagging joy
Cuddled in our bed
In a wiggly, giggling pile.

I loved you like a dog
I would walk at your side though storm and snow
And fight with all my strength
For a gentle touch,
A word of praise.

I was your quiet shadow
Who loved you too fiercely
For my own good.
In my jealous devotion
I snarled against all who'd touch you
And bit your hand that stayed me.

A dog astray
A lover abandoned
My heart wonders alone
With burs in its coat,
Limping on bleeding paws.
But I am not the one who went astray.
I would be your come-home dog,
Break free of my chains and follow you

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