Yeah. They're lymerics about genetics. It's what happens when I have a 7:30 genetics class.

The mitochondria power the cells
And are vital organelles
They're passed down from your mother
One like another
Which helps track migration as well.

In meioses the chromosomes pair
Then move to the ends with great care.
When the splits are complete
You've got four gametes (unless it was an oocyte. Shhh!)
With which to engender and heir.

Mitoses, that is its name
Copying cells is its game
One come goes to each side
Then halves, they divide
Then you've got two cells, just the same.

The DNA's unzipped by an enzyme
Give each half some time,
With and enzyme to give it a hand
Each forms it's own nascent strand
Becoming the new paradigm.

Drop the DNA into the well
Zap a current through the gel.
Its called "electrophoresis"
It sorts by the size of the pieces,
And with a stain or a blot you can tell.

My genetics class is two early.
Though we learn why hair is curly
And why some people go bold
And what all the pieces are called
The time makes us all a but surly.

Mr. Southern created the Blot
To put DNA into dots.
Up through the layers it goes
And stick the nitrocellulose.
Use a probe to see what you've got.

DNA is wonderful stuff.
It's amazingly sturdy and tough.
But when there's errors in translation
The result is a nasty mutation
So I guess it's not stable enough.

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