Enemy Inside

Sarah Laughton (2000 ?)

She lurks around every corner,
Waiting to ask why I rounded it so late.
always ready to prove my success was nothing.
A faithful guard against disillusionment
Stifling my ambition in hopelessness.
Quick to disarm every word of praise,
That falls on my waiting ears.
She reminds me, dreams are built on air,
Whispers that I'll never succeed
And how can I doubt her word?
She sees my every move, every thought.
She knows every corner of my soul
She knows the secrets I spend my life trying to hide,
How weak and stupid and slow I am.
Closer to me than any loved one
She is the shame that burns my face
She is the shadow on my hope
She is the knife against my skin,
The hand that chokes my breath.
This enemy inside of me.

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