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This page is dedicated to Dr. Richard Feynman. Dr Feynman was a Nobel prize winning physicist. But, he was much, much more. He was a human being who showed a deep insight into human nature and could illustrate that insight in a meaningful and humerous way. His books, lectures and stories have been an inspiration to our family for many years. One of his best work is Surely You Are Joking Mr. Feynman. To learn more about Dr. Feynman, follow these links:
Richard Feynman - Science Videos
Many links about Dr. Feynman 
Cargo Cult 
Wikipedia on Dr. Feynman 
Feynman's Talk 
Dr. Feynman's Quotes 
A weekend at Dr. Feynman's house. 

The Telescopes of the Richard Feynman Observatory
Telecope Performance Factors, Wave Error and Central Obstruction
Astro-Physics Refractors & AstroPhotography by John Volk
Image of the Moon taken with a low cost video camera.
Images of M57 taken through over a dozen different telescopes, 4 inches to 100 inches.
How to get your CCD camera perfectly focused - quickly!
The Stars of the Trapezium
Color CCD Image of M42
Nancy's Hale-Bopp Star Party
Eight image sequence of Io's shadow racing the GRS across Jupiter.
C11 SCT Disassembly Procedure
SkySensor 2000 Product Review
BASIC! for Android

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Images from the Dr. Richard Feynman Observatory
Horsehead Nebula
(4" Takahashi @ f/8)
Hyakutake Movie 
(4" Takahashi @ f/6)
(4" Takahashi @ f/6)
(Celestron C11 @ ~f/30)
Hale-Bopp, March 13, 1997
(135 mm Camera Lens @ f/2.8)
(Celestron C11 @ f/10)
(Celestron C11 @ f/6.3)
(Celestron C11 @ f/10)
(Celestron C11 @ f/6.3)
(Celestron C8 @ f/10)
(Celestron C11 @ f/10)
(4" Takahahsi @ f/6 - 5 Image Mosiac)

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