M57 as seen through various telescopes

The images below illustrate the differences in object views through various sizes and types of telescopes.
100" f/2 (Super) Ritchey-Chretien
61" f/13.5 Cassegrain
14" f/3.3 Celestron SC
13" f/4.5 Newtonian
12" f/10 Meade SCT
11 f/10 Celestron SCT
11" f/10 Celestron SCT with Amateur Adaptive Optics
10" f/6.3 Meade SCT
8" f/10 Celestron SCT
6" f/9 Astro-Physics Refractor
5.5" f/3.64 Celestron Newtonian
4" f/8 Takashi Refractor

This image was taken with a ST-7 CCD camera using a 130mm camera lens at f/5.6. The bright star on the right is Beta Lyra. The one on the far left is Gamma Lyra. The arrow points to M57. This view reminds me of the way M57 looks though binoculars.

-- Credits --

The 100" f/2 (Super) Ritchey-Chretien image was take by amateur astronomer Arto Oksanen using the Nordic Optical Telescope with a Brocam-1 CCD camera. When asked how he manged to get observing time on the world class telescope, Arto responded: ".. the story is like this: I worked 1995-1996 as a system administrator there and got some hours of observing time from staff and tecnical time to do some observing too. "

The 61" Cassegrain image was taken from Chris Vadeler's web page. It was originally a color film based image taken by Chris himself. To put the image in the same context as the other images, the image was converted from color to B&W, rotated, cropped and sharpened. You can see the original at http://www.isomedia.com/homes/cvedeler/m57_61.htm . While you are there, browse through Chris's great web pages and find out how he got observing time on that world class 61" scope.

The 14" f/3.3 Celestron SCT image was taken by Giuseppe Sala with a Starlight Express MX-5 CCD camera.

The 13" f/4.5 Newtonian image was taken by Tom Polkakis using an SBIG ST-7 CCD camera.

The 12" f/10 Meade SCT image is a tri-color image taken by Frank Loch using an SBIG ST-7 CCD camera. Notice how many more stars are visible Frank's image. For more of Frank's images, see Frank's Deep Space 99 web pages. The RGB subimages were processed with the Lucy-Richardson deconvolution routine in SBIG's CCDSharp program.

The 11" f/10 Celestron SCT image using Amateur Adaptive Optics was taken by Benoit Schillings. The AO system used was the engineering prototype for the SBIG Adaptive Optics Sytems. To read more about the development of this AO system, see Amateur Adaptive Optics web page.

The 10" f/6.3 Meade SCT (upper) image was taken by Richard Bright using a SBIG ST-4X CCD Camera. Check out Richard's other images at http://www.fred.net/rick_b/mywork.htm

The 10" f/6.3 Meade SCT (lower) image was taken by Steve Webb and Steve Foulkes. You can see more images by this pair at http://www.sfwebb.demon.co.uk.

The 5.5" f/3.64 image was taken by Adami Albino using a Celestron Pixcel 211 CCD camera.

All the rest of the images were taken with a SBIG ST-7 CCD camera from my light polluted driveway.

If you have an M57 image taken through a different telescope or focal length and would like it to appear here, please Email me at paul@laughton.com .

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