Nancy's Hale-Bopp Star Party

April 1, 1997

An enthusiatic group of Amateur Astronomers gather at the residence of the world famous Nancy of ZetaTalk to honor the comet that was not a comet but a coverup created by the MJ12 but now is a comet.

Paul Laughton, John Ladaski, Mark Gingrich,Chris Franks, Donn Hall, Natalie Hall, Mike Packer.

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Telescope and binnoculars were set up on the sidwalk in front of Nancy's condominium complex. Many of Nancy's neighbors stopped by to behold the wonderous sight of Hale-Bopp and hear the story of Nancy. Most were amazed to hear that they had a world famous celebrity living near by.

This unindentified young lady chatting with Donn and Mark confided that she was from the CIA.

Later, we turned our astronomical viewing instruments to Orion in an attempt to locate the 12th Planet. It was, however, well hidden just as Nancy said. Notice the strange haze behind Mike and Mark. This haze was not visible to anyone on location. Fortunetly, we had the foresight to install the super secret Kodak MJ12m42 Poltergist filter on the Logitech Pixtura Digital Camera. You can clearly see that our actvities were being closely monitored by the Zetas.

Since Nancy lives in a secure compound, we could not just walk up and knock on her door. Instead, we called her on the intercom. When we invited her come out to see the comet and met some of her "fans," she demured saying she was in her PJs. During a 10 minute conversation (interrupted by intercom timeouts and passing compound residents), Nancy patiently explained to us that the comet that was not a comet is now a comet. We apparently interrupted her during her internet posting activites. After refusing a final invitation to come out and have her picture taken, Nancy signed off saying she needed to prepare for some Radio and Newspaper interviews. Nancy was quite pleasent and patient with us. You would never guess that this was the same person we have come to know on sci.astro.

And finally, the true star of the day, Comet Hale-Bopp. This image was taken from the secret files of the MJ12. From the position of the objects, one can deduce that the image was phtographed in deep space from one the MJ12 Area 51 flying saucers.

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