A (very) brief history of me

I was homeschooled until I was 16. Then I attended a community college for about 4 years (What can I say? I got comfy there) where I got my A.A. in English. I am now going to UCSC and majoring in linguistics. I will be done with that next year, then... I don't know what I'm going to do with myself after that!

I love to read. But I never seem to have time to read for fun during school which puts a serious dent in my reading.

I also write stories, bad melodrama, worse poetry, fan-fic and occasionally something worth reading. Look at my writing page, then you can tell me which is which.

I also love TV: Superhero soap-operas: Xena, Buffy, Angel, Charmed. Sci-fi: Star Trek, Andromeda, Stargate SG-1, The X-files. Some anime: Inuyasha, Kenshin, Witchhunter Robin, Cowboy Bebop, whatever is on the Cartoon Network when I'm looking for distraction from my homework).

I also play Dungeons and Dragons and various other role playing games of that sort (We are playing a Star Wars game at the moment. It's great!). Ask my about my games and my characters sometime, if you dare! Be warned, it may be hard to get my shot up.

Sports etc.
I take karate and aikido at the moment. I fenced (the kind with swords, not stolen goods) for about 6 years, but I quit a few years back for various reasons. I also took tumbling (the floor routine part of gymnastics. No bars or balance beams) for many years. I was never terribly GOOD at it, but it was fun.

Late up dated: 7/27/2004