Takahashi TSC-225 SCT

The Takahashi TSC-225 has the reputation of being the finest SCT ever commercially produced. Quoting from a 1990 brochure: "Each set of optics is hand figured to deliver 1/8 wave to the film plane employs an oversized 235 mm primary mirror. The mirrors have multi-layered, enhanced aluminum coatings to increase light transmission. All optics are guaranteed for the life of the instrument and are supplied with individual inspection certificates.

"The tube assembly incorporates 15 light trapping baffles to reduce internal light scatter and produce ultra sharp higher contrast images. Images shift is totally absent at magnifications as high as 964X....In the field, the 225 can be temperature equalized rapidly for optimum optical performance. The rear cell has two ventilation ports: one holds a dust filter and the other holds a 12VDC cooling fan....A 7x50 straight through illuminated reticule finder with a 6.3 degree field of view is standard equipment. The open area at the center of the reticule permits easier positioning on extended objects. The finder is aligned to the main tube by tilting the reticule with inset adjusting screws. This method of alignment is easier to perform and less subject to being knocked out of alignment."

Only about 100 of these excellent SCTs were produced. These 100 samples are scattered throughout the world. Once I decided I wanted one, it took me over six months to locate and buy one. Does it live up to its reputation? Was it worth the effort and wait?  Only time will tell. Preliminary tests look very promising.

Below are my first CCD images taken with the TSC-225 through a modified Celestron f/6.7 focal reducer. Used with the TSC-225, this reducer gives about f/8.
NGC2024 - "Christmas Tree Nebula"
M1 - "Crab Nebula"

Another great web site with TSC225 images is Thierry Legaut's  High Resolution CCD Imaging site.

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