The GM11 Table


The idea for this table arose while trying to solve the problem of what to with the ST-7 power supply. I used to the keep the supply and the relay interface strapped onto one the the GM11 legs. While this did work, it was messy and difficult to install and remove. Looking at the mount, I decided a table could be constructed that would not only hold the power supply, but also other peripheral gear such as the DSC computer, eyepieces and what not.


My requirements for the table were:
  • It is must be easy to install and remove.
  • It should be sturdy.
  • It should be big enough to hold the power supply, the DSC computer, eyepieces and other small things.
  • No permanent modifications (holes, etc.) could be made in the mount
  • It needed to avoid getting in the way of the OTA and counter weights in all possible positions.
  • It should be compact so as not take up a lot of room if I ever take the mount off to dark site.
  • This table meets all of these requirements.


    This picture shows the bottom of the table.

    The table size was determine by making cardboard mockups and testing them on the mount to insure that the table did not get in the way of the OTA and counter weights. I found that 17" x 14.5" would work very well.

    The table is held together by sliding the metal bar (1) into the bracket (2) and an then tightening the screw on (2) down onto the bar. The bracket is made of wood. Height spacers made from the same stock as the metal bar. The screw is 1/4 x 20 cap screw with push-on plastic knob. Brass 1/4 x 20 thread insert were placed in to wooden bracket to hold the screw.

    The three table supports (3) are designed to slide into and back and forth under the brackets (4). The supports, brackets and bracket spacers are all made from same metal bar material as (1). One support is shown removed from under its bracket. The mount side of the supports have stick on Velcro attached. The mount has matching Velcro strips to mate with the support Velcro.  The supports are bent a angle slightly greater than 90 degrees.

    The hole (5) is cut slightly larger than the diameter of the mount and lined with a soft material.


    To install the table on the mount
  • Slide the supports back away from the center hole.
  • Push the two table sides together around the mount slipping (1) under (2) and tightening the screws on (2) to hold the two halves together.
  • Align and level the table as needed.
  • Push each of the three supports towards the mount to meet the matching Velcro strips on the mount. Push firmly to join.

  • Removal

    To remove that table
  • Loosen the screws at (2)
  • Pull the single support on the front half of the table back from the mount.
  • Pull the front half of the table off.
  • Pull the two supports on the back half of the table back from the mount.
  • Remove the supports and pack up.

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