SkySensor 2000 Installation

Begin the install process by removing whatever motors you may have currently installed. Next, if you are up to it, it would not hurt to adjust backlash of the worm gears. Looking at the worm gear housing, you will see one set screw on each end. These are used to take out the worm endplay. On the front of the worm gear housing is one larger bolt in the center and two smaller set screws to the sides. The center bolt pushes the worm against the main gear. The two smaller set screws push against the center bolt to lock the setting in place.

Start by loosening the two front set screws and front bolt just a bit. Install a slow motion control on one of the input shafts and tighten it down. While using the slow motion control to rock the worm back and forth, adjust the two, end set screws until they are tight. Do this gradually. Once the worm endplay is taken up, turn the center, front bolt in while again rocking the slow motion control back and forth. As you turn the bolt inwards, you will feel the backlash being taken up by moving the slow motion control. Once all the backlash is gone, tighten the two front set screws. Doing this may create a little backlash. Work with the three screws until they are all tight and the backlash is gone. Be careful not the get the worm so tight that it becomes difficult the move the slow motion control. The SkySensor motors are not all that powerful. If the worm is too tight, the motor may stall or have a greatly reduced maximum slew speed. When you are done, remove the slow motion controls. You will not longer need them.

The rest is simple. Install the supplied gears on the worm-input shaft and on the motor. Be sure to line up the gear set screws with the flats on the shafts. Turn down the gear set screws until they make contact but are still loose enough so that the gears can move along the shaft. Both motors are the same and either can be used for either axis. Slide the motor onto its mounting. Move the gears on the shafts until they line up with each other and then tighten the gear set screws. Gently push the motor so that the backlash between the two gears is minimized and then tighten the motor hold down bolts or set screws. Complete the motor installations by snapping on the plastic gear covers.

Next, stick the cable hold down on the mount. There is nothing in the instruction showing where to put this. The arrow in the picture below shows the proper location. Note that the hold down is holding the Dec motor lead. Also note the necessary cable slack between the Dec motor the hold down.


I added one extra step to my installation. The SkySensor 2000 comes with a string for hanging the computer onto something. Instead of using this string, I attached Velcro to the computer and to each of the three tripod legs.