Sky Sensor 2000

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the user set parameters and user library data stored in non-volatile ROM or battery backed up RAM?

A: Battery backed up RAM. The manual states there is a Lithium Battery for this task and that it should last for five years.

Q: Is the Periodic Error Correction training retained when the power is turned off?

A: Yes.

Q: How much noise to those motors make?

A: The motors and gears sound about like a small to medium sized electric screw driver when performing a fast slew. At all other times, you will hear a sound that reminds me of slow running motor boat way off in the distance.

Q: You had reported on sci.astro.amateur that your SkySensor 2000 had RA motor problems. How was this resolved?

A: The problem was a randomly twitching RA motor. It was solved by changing Setup/Telescope Configuration/Motor Parameters from "Set = 1" to "Set =3"

Q: Can the SkySensor 2000 be used with a CCD Autoguider?

A: Yes. There is CCD autoguide port. However, this port a different pinout then the default SBIG standard port. You will need to make a special cable. I have not yet tried using the SkySensor 2000 in autoguide mode.

Q: Can the SkySensor be controlled by a remote computer through the RS232 port.

A: No. The RS232 port is used only for downloading Satellite Tracking Parameters. Since the parameters are easily entered with the keypad, I have not tried the RS232 connection.

Q: Does Vixen have a web site?

A: Yes, but is all in the Japanese language. See:

Q: How smooth is the tracking?

A: Very smooth. At 130x the image holds dead steady even with the polar axis 45 degrees away from polar alignment.