SkySensor 2000 Tracking

The photographs shown below were my first attempt at astrophotography using film. The images were taken with an Olympus OM-1 on Kodak Royal 1000 film. The Telescope was an f/5.8 Astro-Physics Traveler plus the AP 0.75 reducer. The mount was a Super Polaris driven with a SkySensor 2000. Exposure time was 25 minutes for each image.

While the pictures are not very good astroimages, they are quite remarkable in that neither exposire was guided. They are being posted here to illustrate the outstanding tracking abilities of the Super Polaris and SkySensor 2000. The mount was casually polar aligned using the Super Polaris polar alignment scope. No further alignment refinements were performed. A SkySensor 2000 three star alignment was performed and the astroimaging started. The SkySensor 2000 mount mode was "Unaligned equitorial" thus allowing the SkySensor 2000 take care of any declination drift.

Both images were badly overexposed at 25 minutes. They were digitally darkened after scanning. No other image processing was done.