Subject: SkySensor 2000 & Mir, 10/23

From: (Paul Laughton)

Date: 1997/10/24

Message-ID: <>

Newsgroups: sci.astro.amateur

Once again the SkySensor 2000 did a great job of tracking Mir over Silicon Valley. This time, a 9mm Nagler was used on the AP Traveler OTA. The outline of Mir's central structure and solor panels was a bit sharper than with 14 mm Panoptic; however, no real detail was seen. I was totally blown away when Jupiter flashed through the EP with Mir passing just bearly south of it. As Mir headed into the SSW, it seemed to slow way down (relative to the sky) as it just got darker as slowly disappered.

Each of the three times I have obseerved a Mir pass with the SkySensor 2000 has been a totally different and exciting experience.

Next, I will try to video tape a Mir pass.




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