Whois Nancy?

I was recently looking through my website logs and noticed that I had been getting a lot of hits on the Nancy Star Party Pages. This reminded me that I had done an Email interview in February of 1999 with a gentleman named Mike Dosenbach who used to work for Nancy. At that time, Nancy was still working for  CSC Consulting  in San Bruno, California..

Q: What kind of work did you and she do?

A:  We were computer consultants for a company called CSC in their San Bruno office.  Since everyone who works there is constantly switching from client to client, the company set up a manager for each employee to help guide their career.  Your Project Managers would write your project reviews, but the managers like Nancy (I forget the exact title) wrote your annual review, help to set your raise amount, etc.  Working for her was like working by myself.  I would only hear from her around annual review time.  This wasn't completely unheard of from these managers, however.

I actually found out about her "hobby" in an interesting way. :) At my annual review in early 96, I expressed an interest in moving my career towards the Internet.  She mentioned that she had a website that got a lot of hits.  Of course, I asked what it was, and she refused to tell me, saying that it was "rather controversial", and that she didn't want anyone in her professional life to know about it until she "didn't have to work anymore".  Being the curious sort, and expecting something like a strongly pro-life or pro-choice website, I did a websearch on her name.  At the time, she didn't have her last name on the web anywhere.  But, a quick "whois lieder" pulled her up.  Imagine my surprise!  :)

Q: What does she look like?

A: She is about 55-65, medium build, 5'6" or so, dyed black hair, very pale, and, as you mentioned on your Nancy Party page, somewhat grandmotherly.  However, even before I knew about Zetatalk, I always got a weird vibe from her.  She doesn't look you in the eye when you talk with her.  Overall, she was really nice, but I didn't go out of my way to spend time with her.