Version 01.73 Release Notes

Release date: 2/21/2013

You may not have the latest release. For the latest release, see the Versions' Index.


Compiled APK can make use of web resources.
Compiled APK can use resource files in sub-directories.
Simplified loading local files with Html.Load.URL.
Socket.MyIP now returns "" if the socket connection was lost.
BT.Write ending with semicolon sends data immediately, with no newline
New command Sql.Query.Length
New command Sql.Query.Position
New command Socket.Server.Read.File
New commands Socket.Server.Status and Socket.Client.Status
New parameter Socket.Server.Connect {<wait_lexp>} lets user choose not to block waiting for the connection.
Socket.Server.Disconnect and .Close can now interrupt a pending "Socket.Server.Connect 0".

Problems Fixed.

Position errors in large files.
Fixed Byte.Read.Buffer data corruption (introduced in v01.72)
Clean termination of shortcuts and compiled APKs.
Shortcuts made before v01.72 open correctly
Shortcuts are created correctly when BASIC! is not running.
Fixed crashes when shortcuts are exited with the Back key.
Attempting to read a non-existent file returns file index -1 instead of getting RunTimeError.
Fixed loading resource files in compiled APKs.
Timer command's first interrupt waits for the specified time interval.
Fixed crash when SQL command is given a bad database or cursor pointer.
Existing commands Socket.Client.Server.IP and Socket.Client.Close now documented in "De Re BASIC!".
Fixed Html.Load.URL with '#' anchor in the URL.
Fixed GPS on devices running Android 2.2 or older.
Fixed data loss in BT.Read.Bytes from closely-spaced packets.
Fixed potential data loss in BT.Write
GPS not working for Android 2.2 devices.

Known Problem Not Fixed

The Android 4.2 OS has caused the BASIC! EXIT command do not function properly in many cases. Often executing the EXIT command causes BASIC! to get stuck in the Editor from which you can do nothing. Your only solution to getting BASIC! running again is to use the Android "Settings" Application to "Force Stop" BASIC!. A bug notice has been filed with Android OS team. So far, after several weeks, they have not responded.

Reference Manuals

On line, HTML version: De_Re_BASIC!.htm

Downloadable PDF:  De Re BASIC!.pdf

Downloadable Word Document: De_Re_BASIC!.docx

German Version PDF: Basic!-Deutsch.pdf

Download this Version of BASIC!

You can download this version of BASIC! here.

Download BASIC! Source code.

Be sure to read and understand the Distribution License before downloading the source code.

The BASIC! source code for this version is available here.

The source code is delivered in a zip file. Unpacking it produces a folder that contains an Eclipse IDE project.

The instructions for setting up the Eclipse development environment can be found in here.

Building A Stand Alone Application

A BASIC! user, Nicolas Mougin, has created an automated tool for generating stand alone applications. This tool can be downloaded here

If you have any questions or problems with this tool you can contact Mr. Mougin and other users of the tool at the BASIC! forum in this thread:

I recommend that you use this tool. However, if you choose to not use this tool, the original  instructions for building a stand alone application can be found in Appendix D of De Re Basic

The BASIC! source code needed to build a stand alone application from this version of BASIC! is available here.


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