Version 01.69 Release Notes

Release date: 11/1/2012

You may not have the latest release. For the latest release, see the Versions' Index.

Release Details

Two new debug commands, and, have been added.

Files delivered with a BASIC! derived APK can now be read directly from the APK.

Problems Fixed

A Problem with some sensors returning 0,0,0 in some devices has been fixed.

The type a letter and go to a command in Commands now works better.

Problems with gr.screen returning zero values for x and y just after has been fixed.

A Problem with a Google search screen appearing after a BACK key hit while running in graphics mode has been fixed.

There are several changes in the manual that note important details.

F37_htm_demo.bas has been updated and fixed.

A problem caused by not typing input into a Input Dialog Box and been fixed.

Reference Manuals

On line, HTML version: De_Re_BASIC!.htm

Downloadable PDF:  De Re BASIC!.pdf

Downloadable Word Document: De_Re_BASIC!.docx

German Version PDF: Basic!-Deutsch.pdf

Download this Version of BASIC!

You can download this version of BASIC! here.

Download BASIC! Source code.

Be sure to read and understand the Distribution License before downloading the source code.

The BASIC! source code for this version is available here.

The source code is delivered in a zip file. Unpacking it produces a folder that contains an Eclipse IDE project.

The instructions for setting up the Eclipse development environment can be found in here.

Building A Stand Alone Application

A BASIC! user, Nicolas Mougin, has created an automated tool for generating stand alone applications. This tool can be downloaded here

If you have any questions or problems with this tool you can contact Mr. Mougin and other users of the tool at the BASIC! forum in this thread:


I recommend that you use this tool. However, if you choose to not use this tool, the original  instructions for building a stand alone application can be found in Appendix D of De Re BASIC!

The BASIC! source code needed to build a stand alone application from this version of BASIC! is available here.


You can contact me at


Interact with the developer of BASIC! and other BASIC! users on the BASIC! Users' Forum at:

BASIC! users are now taking an active part in the actual development of BASIC! by modifying the BASIC! source code. This is in addition to BASIC! forum users whose suggestions for enhancements have been valuable to all BASIC! users.

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